Onsite Consultation

Regal bathrooms will send a trade qualified representitive (not a salesman) to meet you at your premises. Our experienced representitive will listen to your concept ideas first, then work along with you and adise you on how to best realise those concept ideas that will turn your dream bathroom into a physical reality.

Material Selection

Once you are satisfied with the general concept and layout of your new bathroom, our representitive will actively engage with you to finalise material selection that will bring to your new bathroom the absolute best in look, feel and functionality. We work with all major brands and suppliers.


Once our quote is accepted and you are happy to proceed, we will strip your old bathroom to the bone, check all of your existing services (plumbing pipes and electrical cables) and start rebuilding everything from scracth to fit your new design. You will be enjoying your brand new bathroom in no more than 2 weeks!

Book us in today for a free consultation and no obligation quote.

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